• Dalai Lama

In 1959 His Holiness the Dalai Lama and 80,000 Tibetans were forced to leave Tibet following a failed uprising against Chinese rule. Since that time the Dalai Lama and a growing number of Tibetans have been forced to live in exile in India and other parts of the world. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of Tibetans living in Tibet have been imprisoned and tortured. Tibetans experience economic discrimination, religious suppression and political oppression. They are unable to practice their religion, speak their own language or even fly their own flag.

Standing at nearly 100 feet high, the Tibet Balloon is the largest Tibetan flag in the world and a symbol of peace and compassion. The Tibet Balloon will fly in the UK and around the world providing a unique and eye-catching opportunity to draw attention to the Tibetan issue and raising funds for charitable organisations working to support the cause of Tibet.

The Tibet Balloon was launched on July 11th 2015 at Sakya Tashi Ling Monastery in the Parc Natural del Garraf near Barcelona, Spain.

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