European Balloon Fiesta

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Tashi once again made her annual trip to Igualada in Catalunya for the 2018 European Balloon Fiesta.

Held over the weekend of July 12-15th this annual event saw Tashi fly with fifty other balloons from around the world.

One of the major highlights was being able to take off from Placa Ajuntament, a very small square in front of the Town Hall in the centre of Igualada.

As always when we visit Catalunya a representative from the Chinese Embassy in Barcelona came to watch us and photograph anyone that was near the balloon. The Embassy also sent a letter to the organisers requesting they remove us from the event. As you can see from the pictures below our answer was to proudly fly the flag for the people of Tibet, the Chinese will not and can not prevent us from flying Tashi.

We thank all our friends old and new (especially Troy the dog) for coming to say hello and to offer their support, we look forward to seeing you all next year.