There is nothing more spectacular than seeing hundreds of balloons taking off together! We know from our own experience of flying hot air balloons around the world that the sight of a balloon in the sky turns heads and makes people stop whatever they are doing to watch and take photographs. We hope that many of these photographs of the Tibet Balloon will then make their way onto Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites in order to raise awareness of the Tibetan issue. If you would like the Tibet Balloon to appear at your event please contact us.

During 2015 the Tibet Balloon flew at a series of events attracting large audiences and significant media coverage.


On 26th July 2015 the Tibet Balloon joined 432 other balloons above the skies of France for her first ever free flight – and in the process became part of a world record for the largest number of balloons standing in a line. You can read more here

Following Tashi’s successful first flight at Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons, it was  announced that the Chinese authorities had attempted to prevent the flight from taking place. You can read more here.

Tashi also wowed the crowds at her very first night glow. The Tibet balloon stood centre stage alongside 61 other balloons lighting up the sky and drawing attention to the Tibetan issue. Tashi was surrounded by photographers and journalists keen to learn more about the aims of the project and significance of the Tibetan flag. The entire event was captured by webcam and screened live by France 3 TV. Tashi stars in many of the photographs posted on their website


Tibet Balloon at Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2015

In August 2015 Tashi and the team were joined by members of the Tibetan community in the UK for the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta which was attended by thousands of people and covered by the local and national press. The event provided an opportunity to raise awareness about the situation of Tibet and the need for dialogue between the Chinese authorities and Tibetan Government-in-Exile to secure the future of Tibetan language, culture and identity. Pictures of the event can be found here.

Tashi’s first flight in the UK was reported in a Guardian newspaper article. The Guardian included a photograph of the balloon on their front page earlier in the week, alongside an article describing the pressures exerted by the Chinese authorities to prevent her from flying in the UK and elsewhere.

In 2016 the Tibet Balloon flew at many events around Europe including Italy and the Netherlands for the first time an in November Tashi visited Central America for the first time flying in Leon, Mexico in front of 500,000 people.

For 2017 Tashi will be based in Italy making it easier to travel around Europe and has already visited Vic in Catalunya. Tashi has a busy schedule for 2017 but we would love to fly the flag in new countries and new places, if you would like the Tibet Balloon to appear at your event please contact us.

The Tibet Balloon is operated on a non profit basis and we are continuing to raise funds to cover the costs of taking the Tashi to as many events as possible. If you are able to help us in anyway then please visit our support page Click here if you would like to support us.