Returning home to Catalunya

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Tashi returned to the sky at the European Balloon Festival held at Igualada in Catalunya celebrating her second birthday and the 82nd birthday of HH Dalai Lama.

Flying with fifty other balloons Tashi was one of the stars of the event flying the flag proudly for Tibet and HH Dalai Lama throughout the weekend.

On Saturday morning the weather was too unstable for any of the balloons to fly. We were joined by our great friend and supporter the Venerable Thubten Wangchen, Member of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile (Europe) & Director of Tibet House Barcelona. We were very privileged in being the only balloon able to inflate that morning much to the surprise of the large crowd who soon gathered around the balloon. Tashi was very much centre of attention with many people taking pictures and having their pictures taken with Thubten Wangchen, who gave a speech to tell those gathered what the flag represents and means to the Tibetan people.

For our second visit to Catalunya this year we were once again shadowed by representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Barcelona. They are always very keen to get pictures of anyone that is seen helping or near to the balloon, all part of their surveillance of Tibetans and those who support Tibet. We always approach them, to show that we are not afraid and that we know who they are and why they are there. Something that we are growing accustomed to, but they will never stop us flying the flag for Tibet!

Below you can watch Tashi fly out of Plaça Ajuntament in front of the Igualada town hall, with pictures of the event below.