Tashi lights up Mondovi

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Tashi was the star of the show at the 28th Raduno Aerostatico Internazionale Night Glow which was held on the evening of 9th January 2016.

Tashi performed in front of a gathered crowd alongside three other balloons, burning in time to a selection of iconic pieces of music including the Bolero and the theme from the Star Wars movie.

Accordingly to L’Union Monregalese, the Tibet balloon “was one of the most photographed balloons, loved and applauded throughout the rally. “Tashi”, the English balloon with the colors of the flag of Tibet (piloted by the couple Paul Dopson and Heaven Crawley), has hit the mark. Her sun has shone in the skies of Mondovi, his lions have roared with the voice of the burner and its flame pulsed like a heartbeat during the Night Glow”.